Travel Notes

As we travel widely during the summer looking for insects to photograph, Roger Edmondson and I have decided to put a record of our more interesting finds on this website. New entries are not always entered in date order so please check for changes by clicking on 'What's new' on  the home page.

31st January 2021

It has been nearly two years since this site has been updated. This is because all of my time was taken up on working on another website on british moths. This is now going well as I have used the time during the Covid 19 lockdowns to write the text as well as add more pictures, maps and lifecycle tables. I believe that the site will be up to date and ready to put up by about this time next year.

Restricted travelling due to the coronavirus has also meant that there has been little to add to this site, especially as I have only trapped for moths in my garden.

This morning was an exception as when my partner Carolyn and I were looking out of the bedroom window we noticed movement behind some sedge at the edge of the pond at the bottom of the garden. I took some pictures, but unfortunately the quality through the window glass was poor.

Behind the sedge  Copyright Martin Evans

I then decided to risk opening the window, hoping that this would not disturb a pair of mating foxes that had come into view. I also hoped that the neighbours would not be thinking that it was them on which  I had trained my telephoto lens.

Mating foxes   Copyright Martin Evans


Mating foxes   Copyright Martin Evans

Even while mating they still managed to squabble.

Mating foxes squabblling   Copyright Martin Evans

When it was all over the dog-fox went back under the apple tree to clean himself up.

Dog-fox cleaning   Copyright Martin Evans

The vixen went off for a drink in the pond.

Vixen   Copyright Martin Evans





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