Bradley No. 407 Bradley No. 409a Bradley No. 409b Bradley No. 410  
  Argyresthia dilectella Argyresthia trifasciata Argyresthia cupressella Argyresthia brockeella  
  Bradley No. 411 Bradley No. 413 Bradley No. 414 Bradley No. 415  
  Argyresthia goedartella Argyresthia sorbiella Argyresthia curvella Argyresthia retinella  
  Bradley No. 417 Bradley No. 418 Bradley No. 419 Bradley No. 420  
  Argyresthia spinosella Argyresthia conjugella Argyresthia semifusca Argyresthia pruniella  
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These moths can be recognised by their resting posture when settled, as they sit head down with their hindlegs tucked along their abdomen. They have a tumbling flight around their foodplant on warm days.

The larva typically feeds within a shoot, overwinters while small, then resumes feeding in the spring before pupation in late spring or early summer.