Bradley No. 281 Bradley No. 282 Bradley No. 284  
  Caloptilia populetorum Caloptilia elongella Caloptilia betulicola Caloptilia rufipennella  
  Bradley No. 286 Bradley No. 287 Bradley No. 285 Bradley No. 288  
  Caloptilia alchimiella Caloptilia robustella Caloptilia azaleella Caloptilia stigmatella  
  Bradley No. 290 Bradley No. 295 Bradley No. 292 Bradley No. 293  
  Caloptilia semifascia Caloptilia semifascia f. Caloptilia leucapennella Caloptilia syringella  
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Gracillariinae 1   Gracillariinae 2

The adults are typical of the Gracillariidae in that they have narrow wings and a distinct head up resting posture supported by the long legs.

The larvae generally mine leaves for the first two instars. They then feed externally, usually in a rolled leaf segment.