This site is mainly an insect guide that can be viewed on a desktop computer and also in the field on a netbook or tablet. The total area used for the species accounts is 940 x 480 pixels so they will be usable on a 1024 x 600 or larger screen without scrolling.

When the buttons are brown they will access the target written on them. When they are lit up blue, the target page is reached. The 'Glossary' button opens an additional window so that the original page is not lost while a term is searched for in the glossary pages.

Travel Notes: This area is an account of our trips in search of insects for the books. Each entry has at least one picture showing a species that we found interesting. There is usually an account of the life history of the illustrated species as well as details of our endeavours in searching for them.

WGUK Books: There was a sales area for the photographic field guides that Roger Edmondson and I have written. Roger and I searched out the species and I photographed them specifically for the books. We were working on a photographic guide to the day-flying moths, but having photographed over 650 and finding that there are well over 900 day-flying or easily disturbed species, we are now working on a larger moth project.

Species Accounts: This is the identification area. The  species are arranged in their families and in the case of the Lepidoptera in Bradley checklist taxanomic order. For each species there is a picture of an adult and unless it is distinctive, another page with pictures of similar species (the account species is always in the top left picture). Colour forms are shown where a picture is available.