Abdomen: the rear section of the body

Cercus (plural -cerci): pincer-like appendages found in both sexes at the rear of the abdomen, which may be used to assist in copulation.

Coxa: the first segment (from the body) of the leg.

Femur (plural -femora): the third division (upper section) of the leg.

Forewings: are protective and tough; to cover the folded hind wings (if they are present).

Keels: the ridges on the pronotum; the side keel markings on the pronotum of the grasshoppers are often an aid to identification.

Legs: consisting of fore-legs, mid-legs and hind-legs. Each of these is divided into the coxa, trochanter, femur, tibia and tarsus.

Macropterous: (long-winged).  Many Orthoptera have macropterous forms. This is especially true of the bush-crickets.

Palps: the two pairs of extensions to mouthparts.

Pronotum: saddles the first section of the thorax and may be greatly extended over the abdomen in groundhoppers.


Glossary - Orthoptera

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