Legs: consisting of fore-legs, mid-legs and hind-legs. Each of these is divided into the coxa, trochanter, femur, tibia and tarsus.

Ocelli: simple eyes on the head of a larva.

Palps: the two pairs of segmented appendages to the mouthparts.

Pectinate: one of many forms of antennae. Has many hair-like, adapted scale tufts on opposite sides.

Proboscis: a long modified tongue used to suck nectar from flowers. Rolls under head when not in use.

Stigma: round or kidney shaped markings on the forewing (see diagram)

Tarsus or foot: fifth and final part of the leg (which is further segmented).

Tegula (plural -tegulae): area on thorax near the base of the forewing (equivalent of shoulders).

Termen: the outer edge of the forewing.

Tibia: the fourth section (from the body) of the leg.


Glossary - Lepidoptera

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