Antennae: these are segmented and vary in the number of segments according to the species.

Apex: the outer-most part of the leading edge of the forewing.

Cilia: the long, narrow modified scales on the edge of the wing (especially the outer edge).

Compound eyes: lepidoptera have two large multi-faceted eyes, placed on each side of the head.

Costa: the anterior or leading vein/ edge of the forewing.

Coxa: the first segment (from the body) of the leg.

Dorsum: the posterior or trailing edge of the forewing/ upper surface of body.

Fascia: lines or bars across the forewing (see diagram)

Femur: the third section (from the body) of the leg.

Instar: the larval stage between two successive skin moults. There are several instars and the larva may have an entirely different pattern or colour during each instar.


Glossary - Lepidoptera

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