Rostrum: the modified set of mouthparts, which the bugs use for piercing and sucking upHawthorn Shield Bug showing rostrum  Copyright Martin Evans plant or animal matter to feed.

In the Heteroptera the rostrum is at the front of the head (as in the picture of the Hawthorn Shield Bug on the right). This is because there is a structure of cuticle called the gula behind it.

The Homoptera do not have a gula so their rostrums are set back under the head. How far it is set back defines to which suborder the bug belongs.

Scutellum: this is the central plate set at the back of the pronotum. The scutellum is usually triangular, but is sometimes parallel sided and enlarged. It may even cover the wings in some species.

Stridulation: rubbing two parts of the body together to produce a noise or 'song'. 

Tarsus: the foot - fifth and final part of the leg (which is further segmented).

Tibia: the fourth section (from the body) of the leg.

Tarsus: the foot (which is segmented).


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