Hemelytron: this is the forewing of the heteropteron bugs (including the shield bugs).      

Heteropteron bugs (including the shield bugs), have their wings divided into two parts:

- the toughened basal part which consists of the corium, clavus and cuneus. There are 'fractures' between these areas which give flexibility to the wing.

- the distal part  which consists of the hemyletral membrane (the clear tip).

Homopteran bugs - froghoppers and treehoppers

Instar: the larval stage between two successive skin moults. There are several instars and the larva may have an entirely different pattern or colour during each instar.

Legs: consisting of fore-legs, mid-legs and hind-legs. Each of these is divided into the coxa, trochanter, femur, tibia and tarsus.

Ocelli: these two organs on the top of the head are simple eyes (some Hemiptera have three).

Pronotum: this is the large structure saddling the thorax. In many of the shield bugs it is widened into large thorn-like extensions.



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