Tarsus: the foot - fifth and final part of the leg (which is further segmented).

Tergites: the segmental plates on the upper side of the abdomen.

Thorax: the section of the body between the head and abdomen.

Tibia: the fourth section (from the body) of the leg.

Trochanter: the second segment (from the body) of the leg.

Veins: the struts that support the wing membrane.

Ventral : the under surface of the insect.

Vertex: the top of the head including the area where the ocelli are positioned.

Wing: unlike bees, wasps and many other insects, flies only have one pair of functional wings. The second pair (halteres) are much reduced.

Wing shade: an area in the centre of the wing which is darker coloured than the rest of the wing. Commonly found in hoverflies.



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