Jowls: the area on the side of the head below the eyes.

Knob: the raised area or 'central prominence' in the middle of the face.

Legs: consisting of fore-legs, mid-legs and hind-legs. Each of these is divided into the coxa, trochanter, femur, tibia and tarsus.

Ocelli - these organs on the vertex (top) of the head are simple eyes.

Occiput: the area behind the eyes - the back of the head.

Pleura: the sides of the thorax.

Plumose: 'feathered' - referring to a form of the arista.

Scutellum: the semi-circular projection at the rear of the thorax.

Squama: an area of membrane at the base of the wing, adjacent to the thorax.

Sternites: the segmental plates on the lower side of the abdomen.

Stigma: an often darkened area (or cell) between the first two long veins adjacent to the leading edge of the forewing.


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