Alula: a membranous flap near the base of the trailing edge of the wing.

Antennae: these are segmented and usually short. 

Arista: a bristle-like structure on the final segment of the antenna.

Cell: the area between the veins in the wing.

Compound eyes: Diptera have two large multi-faceted eyes, placed on each side of the head. The distance between the eyes is often indicative of the sex of the fly.

Coxa: the first segment (from the body) of the leg.

Dorsal or Dorsum: the upper surface of the insect.

Face: the frontal area of the head, below the antennae.

Femur: the third section (from the body) of the leg.

Frons: the area between the ocelli and the base of the antennae.

Halteres: the modified second pair of wings (looking like drum sticks). They work like a gyroscope to aid balance in flight. 


Glossary - Diptera

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