Abdomen: the rear section of the body.

Antennae: the two segmented structures at the top of the face and below the frons.

Assisted alien: an alien species that arrived with the aid of humans.

Compound eye: large multi-faceted (many lenses) eyes positioned on each side of the head.

Costa: the anterior or leading vein/ edge of the forewing.

Coxa (plural -coxae): the small first division of the leg.

Dorsal: the upper surface of body.

Femur (plural -femora): the third division (upper section) of the leg.

Instar: the stage between two successive moults.

Legs: consisting of fore-legs, mid-legs and hind-legs. Each of these is divided into the coxa, trochanter, femur, tibia and tarsus.

Mandibles: the paired jaws.


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